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Unicity Reward Trip Tokyo 2023 – City Life, Cultural Highlights and an Epic Unicity Family Gathering

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

This just might have been the coolest Unicity Europe Reward Trip so far: September 2-6, we took our most successful Franchise Partners to the fascinating metropolis of Tokyo! The days were packed with adventure, sightseeing, shopping and celebrating all things Unicity at the North Asia convention – an absolutely amazing experience for all of us!

Sunday, September 3 – North Asia Convention

After everyone had arrived an settled in at our beautiful hotel the night before, we started our Japan experience with a bang: The Unicity North Asia Convention!

The atmosphere was absolutely thrilling, with over 5.000 Franchise Partners in attendance. Seeing our Presidential ranks cheered on the red carpet gave us goosebumps! We spent the day hearing about the new visions and future plans for Unicity from CEO Stewart Hughes, applauded our new Presidential ranks, made new friends and soaked up the atmosphere. Unicity Conventions in Asia are the experience of a lifetime and we are so glad we had the chance to be part of this event!

Monday, September 4 – Daytrip to Mount Fuji

Today we explored Japan's most famous landmark: The awe-inspiring Mount Fuji, towering majestically over Tokyo. Unfortunately, the foggy weather threw a wrench in our plans and spoiled the view – but the day still flew by as we enjoyed the surroundings, shopped some souvenirs and slurped authentic Udon noodle soup (Did you know? Slurping is polite when you eat Japanese noodle soup!). Among the highlights of the day was the Oshino Hakkai village which is surrounded by eight beautiful ponds created by the melting water of the glacier. We had so much fun and even met our athletic US colleagues who were there on a hiking tour! After an eventful day, everyone was glad to relax at the hotel in the evening.

Tuesday, September 5 – photo rally in Asakusa

It was time for speed sightseeing with our team challenge! We split up in 10 groups to explore the traditional Asakusa district. Every group had to try to score as many points as possible by taking group photos at certain sights AND be back in time for a delicious traditional Japanese meal. This might sound easy, but with so many fantastic sights to see in such a short time, we were really busy!

In the afternoon, some of us visited the local Unicity Office while others went shopping (did we mention that Tokyo is one of the BEST places on earth to shop?) or relaxed at our hotel before the dinner-cruise in the evening. We celebrated together with a delicious dinner while cruising on the Sumido River and Tokyo Bay, enjoying the gorgeous view of the Tokyo skyline. September 5 also marks the UN International Day of Charity and Unicity Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Sarah Smart gave a moving speech about the Unicity Foundation Goals for Girls.

Wednesday, September 6 – Exploring Tokyo and Disneyland

Our Reward Trip participants were faced with a tough choice today, having to decide whether to explore Tokyo (and more shops?) on their own or enjoy the day at Disneyland Tokyo. No matter what the Franchise Partners chose, everyone had a blast! At the end of a long day, we had to say goodbye to each other and Tokyo, as we headed back to the airport and home.

How did these days fly by so fast? We always have so much fun spending time with our most dedicated Franchise Partners, going on adventures and making new friends. We had an incredible time and can’t WAIT for next Reward Trip! Will you be there?

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