4 ways to mix Unicity Balance

A true classic: Balance is one of Unicity's oldest and most popular products! Balance was developed to optimize your daily fiber intake.

Balance is a pre-meal drink with a patented fiber matrix that includes bioactive plant compounds, polysaccharides, and micronutrients. The fiber matrix helps to promote healthy digestion and support the feeling of satiety. Balance contains important vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber to support weight management.

Balance might be an excellent product to try if you:

  • Are looking to increase your fiber intake

  • Want to regulate your digestion in a natural way

  • Are looking to support a weight-management diet

So how do you drink it?

Drink 10-15 minutes before your two biggest meals each day for best results. Mix a single sachet with 8 oz. of flat (non-sparkling) water.

The fibers and nutrients, doing their job to support your nutrition, are designed to thicken, so it's best to drink immediately.

Double duty: Use any shaker cup

Do you have a cup on hand to mix salad dressings or protein drinks? These work great for mixing Balance. Just add water, a single sachet, and shake. (Be sure to use flat water. Shaking any carbonated liquid can be problematic!) Be mindful that you don’t need as much water for Balance as you would for a meal replacement shake. Aim for about 8 oz.—just a few quick sips but enough liquid to dissolve the powder into a drinkable form. A small blender bottle like this works well.

On-the-go: Water bottle

If you’re out to lunch with friends and want to make sure you get your Balance in before a carb-heavy meal, don’t worry; we designed Balance to work well on-the-go. Bring a water bottle along with you—you can easily mix up a pre-meal Balance in any water bottle.

Level expert: Milk frother

For best results, mix in a cup with a small handheld mixer. A handheld milk frother for making foam to add to lattes is also ideal. This method is quick and effective, evenly blending the Balance without getting a bottle dirty or requiring extra arm motion. Add flat water to a glass (be sure to leave space in the glass for the water to rise as it is mixed), then add one sachet of Balance and mix. Rinse out the glass after and fill it with water for your meal.

None of us want unnecessary kitchen gadgets crowding out our space, but if you love lattes and want to invest in making Balance a twice-a-day habit, a small handheld milk frother can be a great purchase.

Minimalist: Glass and spoon

Have a glass and spoon on hand? Pour Balance into a glass of water. Remember, you don’t need to fill it fully; 8 oz. is fine. Swirl around the spoon until you have entirely dissolved the powder, removing all clumps. Drink quickly and feel good about your choice for your health!

Better late than never!

If you forget to drink your Balance 10–15 minutes before eating, don’t worry. You can take it mid- or post-meal. There isn’t a statute of limitations on getting that fiber matrix in your body! There is also no limit on how long you can take Balance. If it makes you feel great, why not make it a habit?

How do you drink Balance? Maybe you have a great mix-technique we can learn from you! Share in the comments!

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