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Let’s talk about snacks – the good, the bad & the smart

Snacks have got a bad rep these days, and let’s face it – it’s not entirely undeserved. The constant availability of food in modern society tempts us to eat far more often than we should. Many of us are no longer able to pay close attention to our bodies and therefore confuse the desire to eat with real hunger.

We eat because we feel like it, because we are bored, stressed or want to comfort ourselves. In addition, the majority of commercially available, convenient snacks are simply unhealthy: Ultra-processed, high-carb foods such as candy bars, crackers, crisps or energy drinks may give us a short-term energy boost, but they also cause blood sugar and insulin spikes and subsequent energy crashes. In the end we’re hungry, cranky and crave even more unhealthy snacks again. No wonder that constant snacking is linked to a host of health issues from insulin resistance to digestive problems, obesity and teeth health issues.

Give yourself a break: intermittent fasting

Our bodies need a break from the constant influx of food to give our system the time to properly digest and rest. One of the simplest ways to do this is intermittent fasting, which involves cycling between periods of fasting and eating each day. There are several fasting schedules to choose from, with 16:8 being the most common. On this schedule, you fast for 16 hours a day and eat all your meals in the remaining 8 hours. Getting started with IF may be challenging, but Unicity’s Feel Great system gives you the necessary tools to succeed – no need to rely on your willpower alone.

Snack time is calling

If you’re sticking to a time-based eating pattern already, congratulations! But what about the snacks in your 8-hour-eating window?

The perfect way of going about it is of course to stick to two healthy meals during the eight hours you’re allowed to eat. But let’s face it, sometimes you just need a pick-me-up in the afternoon, an energizer before a workout or simply as a treat – because nobody’s perfect, some days are stressful and you deserve a treat! That’s absolutely fine as long as you choose your snacks wisely.

Snacking the smart way

Not all calories are created equal. When you’re ready to snack, make sure the foods you choose work for your health goals, not against them. High-carb, ultra-processed snacks will make it harder to stick to your eating schedule, because they cause blood sugar levels to spike and crash, leaving you even more tired and hungry after a short time. The right snack for you is nutritious, helps balance your blood sugar and thus keeps you full until your next healthy meal. And of course, it must be delicious (because why even bother otherwise).

Here are some healthy snacking options for you:

  • An apple – sweet, juicy and packed with fiber as well as countless nutrients. Besides, they are comparatively cheap and you can take them everywhere. Apples to the win!

  • Nuts & seeds provide healthy fats and protein which keep you full until the next meal. Crunch away!

  • Veggie sticks & hummus are high in fiber and nutrients and offer a lot of variety. This will also help you to eat enough veggies in a day!

  • Berries with a little whipping cream. Looks and tastes like dessert, provides lots of nutrients but little sugar. Treat yo’self.

  • Leftovers. This may be a bit unusual, but a small plate of “real”, nutritious food often has the same or less number of calories than a candy bar and is a lot more satisfying in the long run. This also helps prevent food waste.

Reishi FX – a superior energy boost

Looking for a snack that gives you a lasting energy boost? Elevate your coffee break with Unicity Reishi FX! This premium blend of coffee, coconut cream and Reishi extract is incredibly delicious, but won’t spike your blood sugar levels. On top, it provides you with Reishi extract, a precious mushroom essential in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Give it a try!

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