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Meet Unicity’s New Botanical Research Center

Unicity has invested in the Botanical Research Center to stay at the forefront of scientific discovery for plant compounds that benefit human health.

Why Botanical Research?

Plant species around the world are continually being discovered. In 2019 alone, almost 2000 new plant species were added to the International Plant Names Index, a global plant registry. These are new plant species that have not been scientifically characterized yet. Each of these plants could harbor thousands of new unidentified health compounds.

Modern Science

The new Unicity Botanical Research Center contains modern scientific equipment that can extract, isolate, and identify plant bioactives and nutrients. We have the ability to concentrate these compounds and ascertain the most significantly important extracts that could have potential health-promoting functions.

Unicity’s investment in the Botanical Research Center allows Unicity customers to experience the most innovative health products available, for years to come.

Our Mission

The research laboratory’s mission is to develop sustainable extraction processes required to create consistent, high-quality botanical extracts; and to develop a platform that enables the determination of key bioactive botanicals of interest that target specific human health conditions.

Our goal is to obtain a firm understanding of the biological and chemical properties of the botanical, so that well-designed clinical trials can be performed to evaluate their efficacy. Ultimately, the work will support the development of novel, optimized botanical products with reliable health benefits—exclusive to Unicity and our partners.

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