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Unicity Europe Reward Trips – a Unique Experience

The main question we ask ourselves at Unicity: What is a good life? We believe it’s about becoming your best self and use the opportunities life has to offer! This is why we want to help people take responsibility for themselves and their health and inspire others to do the same. The more we motivate and support each other, the more of a difference we make for ourselves and the world we live in.

That's why we're so proud of our Franchise Partners who work hard with Unicity to make life better for people everywhere! Twice a year, we reward our most dedicated and successful leaders with a luxurious trip to the world's most beautiful places – from the Swiss mountains to the tropics. Check out our travel memories from the past years and be inspired!

Unicity Europe Reward Trips

2022 – Bangkok & Phuket

An amazing trip to GLIC in Bangkok and to Phuket's natural paradise!

2021 – Grindelwald, Switzerland

2020 – Guarda Val, Switzerland

2020 – Hurghada, Egypt

2019 – South Korea

2019 – Dubai

2018 – Antalya, Turkey

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