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- by Bettina Pape, Presidential Diamond

Let me tell you of a love story, because without love you will never succeed in this business. I love Unicity! Unicity has changed my life greatly. It has changed my body, my mind, my power and my lifestyle. The Unicity products have made me healthier, slimmer, more powerful and more beautiful. My first love within Unicity are the products.

Do you love the products?

Do you love to sell the products? I know you do, but do you know what you do? You do so much more than selling products. You give people solutions! Many, many, people have problems and you give them solutions! If you know and love the Unicity products then you can feel what people need and give them solutions.

My second love is Unicity’s corporate mindset and vision. Sharing the mindset and the vision of ‘Making Life Better’ became my mission. Through the teaching of the top leaders I found my way back to my own dreams. Dreams I had already forgotten. Dreams I had hidden away and didn’t even remember. I think a lot of people forget their dreams and it is our duty to help them to rediscover their dreams. Once I rediscovered my dreams I set myself goals. For me it was like hiking a mountain, I worked hard to try to reach the top. I worked hard and I tried to reach my goals. I achieved some goals along the way, but somehow I never got to the top. I never got the breakthrough.

At my first global convention in Busan I was a presidential sapphire. I saw great leaders climbing Unicity’s ranks. Mr. Jin Hee Park, Mr. Khun Joe mr. Rick Jorden and all other great leaders all advanced up the ranks, but me, Bettina from Switzerland, remained a Presidential Sapphire. I worked hard and harder and harder again but it didn’t work. But the great thing about this global convention was that I could learn so much from these great leaders. I analysed what they had in Asia and what I had in Switzerland. There was a big difference.

They had a system and we in Europe did not. After many sleepless nights we took the courage and we built up our system and in 2012 we went on the market with our own system. Stewart Hughes was excited because he could feel the love we had for our system. It was important for us not only to have a system to sell products and build the business, but we also wanted to build a culture where people could meet and support each other. Unicity supported our system through their reward trips. Unicity gives us the opportunity to travel around the world and meet with people, create memories, love and support each other and to give and receive advice. Please try to qualify for every single reward tip you can. It changes you and those around you.

In 2016, in Singapore, my journey had a highlight. I finally reached the rank of Diamond. As I was walking onstage towards Stewart, I was asking myself is it the pin, is it the recognition, is it the money? No, it was the feeling that I had helped thousands of people in reaching this moment and had achieved a better life. My lifestyle has changed, I love my lifestyle, I love teaching people, I love doing charity work because the more money I have, the more I can give somebody who doesn’t have so much. I love socializing and working with my team – this is so important for business! I love my red car, I love traveling, I love fine dining and I really love the beaches of Thailand.

So who wants to be a diamond? Before you can be a diamond, you have to become a diamond. And how can you become a diamond? It’s having the right mindset, vision and goals. So, set your goals and I recommend that you fall in love with your goals, because if you don’t fall in love with your goal you will never reach your goals. That’s a fact! Now, lets presume that your goal is to become a Senior Director. You eat as a senior director. You sleep as a senior director. Your blood flows as a senior director. You are the energy of a senior director and this is the first step to becoming a Diamond. This is because if your energy is that of a senior director, closed doors will open for you and then you will reach your goal. So think clearly about what you want and start making your dreams a reality.

See it first, see your dream. I see it every morning and every evening. Feel it, you have to feel it otherwise you will not reach your goals. If you don’t believe, who’s going to believe you and join in your business? You have to believe in yourself and in your big goals only then maybe you will achieve it. One last important thing to remember. You have to do it! not your up-line, not your mother, nobody else will do it. You have to take action, you have to do it!

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