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Raise your glass: Why Hydration is Crucial to Feel Great

A lot has been said about why eating healthy is important for metabolic health – but there is another important factor that contributes to a healthy diet: water! Hydration is vital for the proper functioning of every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. Yet, many of us simply don’t drink enough for optimal health. Find out why proper hydration is crucial to Feel Great!

Cheers to your health

Water makes up a significant portion of our bodies and is involved in nearly every physiological process. Metabolic health simply isn’t possible without proper hydration – and that’s why it’s so important to drink enough of the right stuff when you do the Feel Great Program. Here's why staying hydrated is so important:

  • Maintaining fluid balance: Water helps regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, and protect sensitive tissues.

  • Ensuring proper digestion: Water plays a key role in digestion and nutrient absorption. It helps break down food, aids in the transport of nutrients throughout the body, prevents constipation and aids the body in getting rid of waste and toxins.

  • Supporting organ function: Our organs, including the kidneys, liver, and heart, rely on adequate hydration to function optimally.

  • Boosting physical performance: Being properly hydrated is crucial for physical performance and exercise. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, decreased endurance, and impaired strength and coordination. Drinking enough water helps keep energy levels up and enhances athletic performance.

  • Improving Cognitive Function: Did you know that even mild dehydration can affect cognitive function? Studies have shown that dehydration can impair mood, concentration, and memory, making it harder to think clearly and perform daily tasks.

Hydration and Intermittent Fasting (IF)

The good news is that you can drink as much as you want during your fasting period – as long as you limit yourself to calorie-free options such as water and herbal tea. If you want to know more about what (and what not) to drink during your fast, find out more in this blog post!

Here is what proper hydration can do for you during IF:

  • Helps curb hunger: Did you know that thirst often masks as hunger? A glass of water can keep hunger at bay until your fasting period ends.

  • Increases physical and mental performance: Insufficient hydration can result in headaches, sluggishness, dizziness and even a bad mood! Drinking enough water ensures that you feel fit enough to tackle your to-do-list.

  • Promotes better sleep: Did you know that inadequate hydration can affect sleep? Even if you don't feel parched, make sure you drink enough throughout the day so you get a good night’s rest.

  • Supports autophagy: Intermittent fasting is believed to promotes autophagy, an important self-cleaning process of the cell that removes unnecessary or dysfunctional components. Good hydration supports autophagy by promoting the elimination of toxins and waste products.


Unimate – the perfect drink to reach your goals

Want to raise your glass (or cup) to good health, a great mood and fasting success? That’s where our delicious yerba mate drink Unicity Unimate comes in! Yerba mate has been used for centuries to support mental clarity, endurance, appetite control, focus, and an improved mood. Unimate contains a proprietary yerba mate extract that supercharges these beneficial effects—and contains no added sugars, so you can drink it any time, whether it’s time to fast or eat. Drink Unimate first thing in the morning to help you extend your fast until lunchtime and again in the afternoon as a delicious pick-me-up to stay hydrated and energized throughout the day!

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