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- by Stefan Angehrn, Unicity Presidential Diamond

I feel very honored that Unicity chose me to share my story with you. What do you know about Switzerland? Switzerland is Mountains, cheese, banks, watches, snow – maybe the Unicity tax office and normally rich people.

Always go one step further

I was not so lucky when I was born. I was born into a very poor family. At night my mother used to have to empty buckets of water because the rain would come straight into our home. During the winters, my sisters and I, had to wear gloves, caps and warm jackets inside our home as the windows would freeze inside. Looking back, maybe this was a lucky time for me because it made me stronger than others. I decided that I would have a better life, I decided that I would be rich.

After my education I decided to become a professional boxer, I wanted to make a million through boxing. Do you think this was easy? It was not easy. Let me give you a short lesson in boxing. Boxing is with your fists under your eyes and you have three possibilities to hit – straight to the nose, body shot and hook. Whilst these are fun, they are not easy. This sport is fun, but not easy. It comes down to training, training and training some more. You only get better if you consistently execute these three strokes - faster and faster, harder and harder, more and more accurately.

Likewise network marketing is not always easy, it requires you to do things consistently for a longer period of time. If you do more than all the others in the end you will be a champion and you can be a Diamond because you do it every day. When you fall you stand up. When people are laughing about you, stand up. If they put you down, go forward. Do your work every day and do one more than all the others and in the end you can be a champion.

You will become one of these 10,000 Diamonds. I came to Unicity in 2005, Bioslife 2 was my product then, it was the only one we had. It was so amazed with what happened in the body that I wanted to build a business with it and we did. We started in Switzerland and everybody who I met, I spoke to about that product.

Success comes with a system

In 2007 I was lucky to meet my sweetheart, my Bettina. She is a diamond too today. She is in many ways much better than me. Together, we built Swiss shape, maybe you have heard of Swiss Shape? We have created packages that we sell and we have a booklet where the customer can do it all independently. It’s really easy and it works because the Unicity products work and sell. They make up the bodywork the way we want it to do. In Swiss Shape there is a 90-day program – A Cleanse month, a Balance month and then another Cleanse month. The 90 days are important as we have heard before to be able to replace old patterns with new patterns.

Well, work is one thing, but culture is just as important for success. We are friends and we are a family! We have a business – we run together, fall together, stand up together, cry together and celebrate victories together. If you become friends, your business will grow. Try to build a culture like this in your business. Be honest and speak a clear language.

Let your love for the products speak for itself

My favourite product is Unimate. We have heard so many amazing things and for me this is the most incredible product I’ve ever had. I studied what Dr. Dan had told us and checked that the facts are facts.

Imagine it was the first time I met you and I asked you the following – if there was a drink you could take in the morning and after half an hour be sharp in your mind for the rest of the day, that would make you better in business, better in every sport you do and in a very short time. It would make you better in all the family things you do throughout the day. In the evening you will not be tired, you will still have energy to enjoy hobbies, friends and to have fun. This product would also be super, super, healthy. Would you like to try it? I’ve never found one person who has said no to that question.

Live your potential

If you want people to buy your product, ask them what they need. Here at Unicity, we have the best science-based products in the world. Now you have to be the best YOU. You have to be the best you can be. Go to bed happy at night and stand up happy in the morning and do your best everyday.

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