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- by Rick Jordan, Unicity Crown Diamond

It is my belief that God desires all of us to achieve our dreams.

I would like to share with you my road to success and what I did to achieve Diamond.

When I got started I was very active in my insurance business. The business has been in my family for 100 years, so how could I walk away? I had very limited time and had to make the best use of it. I looked at the activities that I needed to do to produce the best results and that is what I am going to share you.

Number 1: Prospecting

It is critical to know the activities that will make you money. What is that activity? It is prospecting. We get paid to prospect!

Some of the most expensive TV advertising time in the USA is during the Superbowl of American professional football. Why is it so expensive? Because millions of people watch the game around the world, sothe reach of the advertising is remarkable! I wanted to create a large reach and exposure so my goal was to talk to two people every day. I had 1 hour a day to build my business, so I took that hour to make sure that I prospected two people every single day. Now it’s my encouragement that if you have two hours you ought to talk to four people, if you have three hours, you ought to talk to six people and so forth. So, for every hour of every day you are working your Unicity business you should be talking to at least two people.

Because of my insurance background I like statistics. In fact, when I was getting my advanced degree in insurance and risk I had to take several statistical classes and I learned this rule: The rule of large of numbers. If I talk to two people every day, I would talk to 14 people in a week, I would talk to 60 people in a month, I would talk to 720 people in a year. Now if you talk to 720 people in the course of the next 365 days, do you think you could find 3 partners? Do you think you could find 5 partners? Do you think you could find a multitude of people that would like to join you, whether it be in the business or using the products? Let’s say you find 5 partners that go out and do the same thing, look at how the numbers improve, and then you get 5 more partners. Now in this scenario how many people do you have working? You have 31 people working! Now let’s look at the number of exposures that will take place in your business. You would have over22,000 exposures to people. How many do you think would be interested in our products, our business or both? With that many exposures do you think you could become a Diamond? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Number 2 - Self discipline

The bridge between our goals and our accomplishments Is Self-Discipline. After 6 weeks of working my business constantly, contacting two people every day, I had not missed a day. I was committed to that process of two a day every day. But one night I was lying in bed and I was thinking about my day’s activities and I realized I forgot to make those two phone calls. Now what would most people do? They would skip today and decide to make four calls tomorrow Right? – make up the difference and everything will be the same. But you see, I realized that the ‘consistency was the magic of the process!’ So I got up, I got out of bed, I went down to my office, it was 10:30 PM. I looked at my prospect list, I called two people. They both agreed to meet with me, in fact when I met with them they were so surprised that I had called them at 10:30 at night that they both said they knew if I was calling at this time it had to be important. You must use self-discipline to get to where you want to be. What is definition of self-discipline? It is doing the things you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing them.

Of course, there are lots of other principles that go into becoming successful, but at the top of my list is knowing the activities that make you money and having the self-discipline to do those activities. Doing the simple little things over time (every day) will create the success you richly deserve. You will become the person you want to be in every aspect of your life. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you in my travels with Unicity.

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